Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready to go!!

My pal Lee Behnken always had a great word of advice leading up to almost any trip, especially ministry oriented trips. He says, "make sure and get on the plane." Having become a fan of Tim Hawkins, I'd prefer to get in the plane now, but the point still remains. There are so many things that want to clutter our lives and frustrate us, and cause us to lose our focus. God has called us out! If Jesus doesn't come back by Friday, if he doesn't call me home, barring any major family catastrophe, we'll be in Haiti Saturday morning! The plan for team one is to meet up with the rest of our team on Friday afternoon and take a bus to New York City. Yep, you read it here! Because the trip kept getting postponed because of various political, health, etc problems, when we went to buy the tickets, there were no flights available to Miami. Most flights to Haiti go through Miami. Because of spring break traffic, we weren't able to get a flight through Miami, so we booked the next best available, drive to NYC and catch a direct flight to Port au Prince, Haiti.

Our prayer is that God will be honored and served through us while we are there! We will fly back to NYC on Saturday the second and arrive home some time on Sunday I'd guess. Then team two will be heading out. Their travel is not without challenge either. They will fly out on Saturday, and some of them will fly to Miami and some of them to Texas then Miami to meet up with them.

There are five of us from Fountain City Wesleyan going on week one and seven going the next week! Team #1 is: Brittany Pardo, Lisa Kinney, Ron Ayers, Debbie Warner, and yours truly. (Steve Mathews) Team #2 is: Lisa Bos, Miriam Vories, Kristen Adams, Katelyn Jennings, Jennifer Hudnall, Jennifer Bedel, and leader Nancy Pike. Team #1 will meet up with 10 others from a church in Indy, while team #2 will meet up with 7 from a church in Greenville, OH. Gene and Shelba Pollic of OMS (Men For Missions) will lead both teams and we will be mostly serving an orphanage in the town of Jeremie.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get internet service where we'll be staying, and you can follow along each day. But, should there be no internet, (which is a strong possibility) we'll post up when we get back! Either way, stay tuned here, and keep the teams covered in prayer!!

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