Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DAY 2 In Bogota, Columbia

Hola from Bogota!
You might have found the title of the last post a little strange. I'll take time today to tell you a little more about the project and then it will make more sense.

We are helping to remodel the National Headquarters for the Columbian branch of the Wesleyan Church. Which is also a theology training center and school for pastors. This was Pastor Bob and Susie Gray's first assignment after they finished language school in San Jose, Costa Rica. So Bob's picture is on the wall as one of the former instructors.

The job is a hard one! We started on the fifth floor demolishing an old water tank that was made of concrete about 6 inches thick. I'll be careful to not single anybody out because everybody is working so hard. However, we are extremely thankful that we have some big strong guys on this team, because we need them. I believe God sent those he wanted to be here.
We also started work on a dropped ceiling that they decided that they didn't want to be dropped any more.

Did I tell you that the air is thin here. I think we all huffed and puffed up the stairs the first time. Then when we realized that we had to lug all the demolition stuff down 5 stories, but it also means we are lugging stuff up. Like 110 lb. bags of concrete and sand. Yikes! I think we all thought our hearts were going to come out of our chests! Needless to say, when we were finished last evening, we were extremely beat. But, everybody recovered nicely and the work today has been lighter.

We are meeting and making some great new friends, I'll share more about them tomorrow.

We had a great time of devotion last evening and this morning. God is answering your prayers and ours too. Stay tuned for more info!

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Barry Pike said...

Exciting stuff, Steve. Great pics and great reporting.

I'm going to forward your blog around a bit just to see if we can get more folks interested.

Blessings to you guys!