Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Thin Air in Bogota is for Real!

Hey everybody! We made it safe and sound last evening about 10. Made it through customs, no problem. (an answer to prayer) We´ll post more tomorrow, so make sure to stay tuned! Continue to pray and we are praying for all of you!


Kimberly said...

Steve, tell Randy that his dad is doing okay, had an abnormal treadmill stress test, so had a cardiac cath today and had a stent placed to open up the artery on the heart that was 95% closed but absolutely no heart muscle damage! Glory to the Lord! I pray that the Lord will imprint Himself on their hearts literally and I can be a reflection for HIM. You are all in our hearts, to hear Randy's dad tell all the nurses about his son's mission work is neat to hear it come out of Don's mouth. He's witnessing and I don't think he even knows it! love you all, KIM

Loretta Ayers said...

hi Steve!
I am letting Carol at church know how you guys are doing. Ron's been calling me every night with updates about your day. So I email her every morning so she can let the wives know. Some of the wives & children had a pretty difficult time monday when the bus left the parking lot.. a lot of tears shed. But we are praying for each other, and keeping it together. We are praying you guys through the week. And are very proud of you. I praise God everyday for each one of you! He is beside you, and will bring you home. I've been seeing angels everywhere..around airplanes, and even in restaurants..They are all around you. :-)