Friday, July 20, 2007

FCWC Mission Bogota 2007

Welcome to Our blog! This is actually the EIVW blog that is my personal blog. But, at this late stage I thought it would be easier to use my personal one than to try to recreate a new one for the trip. If you're new to blogging, enjoy! Surf around on old posts and take a look. You might want to become part of the conversation, I encourage you to do so!

This photo is of our team picnic. The only team The only team member that wasn't able to be there was Steven Frame. There is a total of 14 men on this team. We'll be leaving for Bogota on Monday the 23rd of July. Our mission will be to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our sister church in Bogota. We'll be trying to post more info and happinings as things open up.

Until the next post, I'd like to solicit your prayers for our crew, their families, The Bogota North Church, and the work we'll be doing while there. Pray for safety for all, good health and God's blessing and favor!

Stay tuned, this should be a lot of fun, and we'll do our best to keep the blog fresh!

Here's a list of the guys, their wives and children. When you pray, remember to pray for all of them! Having Daddy go off on a mission trip, might just have a profound effect on some of these little ones! No Doubt!
Ron & Loretta Ayers
Clay & Jody Bolser-Cailyn, Caily, Carly
Randy & Kim Davis-Chris & Fam, Stephanie, Eric
Mike & Hollie Day-Madison, Braeden
Kevin & Sarah Fouch-Emily, Elizabeth
Steven & Corie Frame-Heidi, Brandon
Stan & Jennifer Hill-Fayth, Zachery, Shelby
Steve & Linda Mathews-Laurie, Katie & John, Stephanie
Tom & Jama KcKee-Trent, Tyler
Don & Amy Pardo-Nathan
Greg & Mellissa Stephens-Chris, Andi, Andrew, Christopher
Scott & Debbie Warner-Jessica, Cylee, Joshua
Kevan & Katie Wogoman-Danny, Leah, Ryan
Also pray for Robb Trapp who is from the Global Partners office and is going with us as our translator.


Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see how God uses you all to transform lives and serve others! I'm praying for you all!!

Be blessed,
Stephanie Frame

Kimberly said...

As a wife, I have been blessed so much already. Also,
I kind of feel the evil one over my shoulder this past two weeks. As I shared w/Linda this weekend, I know
God must and does always come first in my life, even over my family. But as Randy has readied for this trip, it has occurred to me how much I must be ready to sacrifice him just as Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac. I often wonder what must have gone thru Abrahan's mind as they walked up the mountain, was he totally carefree, joyful of what he was about to do? or just concentrating on the trust. I'm trying to focus on the latter, and it's been a test for me. I know they are disciples of Christ, or we wouldn't be hounded like this. It's amazing to me what I have learned already, and they haven't even left the country yet!
I am praying for you all, let Jesus use you till you're worn out! and let 'em wonder what makes you tick!!!! then tell 'em..
love you all, Kim Davis

IzzyBeth said...

The Hofmanns are praying for you guys too!